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13th International Conference on Wind Engineering,
July 10-15, 2011

We are looking back to a very succesful 13th international conference on wind engineering in Amsterdam. About 500 presentations, including 6 very good key note lectures, have been given. Despite two days with much rain, the atmosphere was very positive. We had a nice icebreaker reception, an overwhelming opening act and a very nice dinner.

On this website you find a selection of pictures taken on the conference days and the PDF versions of the key note lectures, delivered during the conference days. Also, some papers which have not been installed correctly on the USB stick with proceedings, can be downloaded here. The delegates picture is not ready yet and will be published on this website in a couple of weeks.

On behalf of all organisation team members, thank you very much for participating. We hope you all enjoyed being with us in Amsterdam, and we all look forward to the next ICWE in 2015 in Porto Alegre, USA.

Chris Geurts,
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